Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Voting is ending in a week. Please VOTE 10 as many times as you can!!! I wanna win!!

Okay so I entered this contest for the local radio station.
I need you to vote my butt as being a 10! I get a new TV and some cash!
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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Cowboy Restaurant Review I

So after this past weekend's great dinner for my 4th Anniversary I thought it would be great to start doing some Restaurant Reviews. So from time to time you will see some of my reviews of where I have eaten at in Saint Louis and what I think about them and trust me coming from a steak and potato guy I will tell the FULL truth about the food, service, and atmosphere of the place.

Feb 16th, 2007 9:00pm
Niche - Benton Park Neighborhood of Saint Louis

Let me start of by saying that I have already eaten at this restaurant and the first time was just as great as this time. This little place that is nestled in a small but nice space it makes you feel like you are New York. Both times that I have been at this restaurant it has been wall to wall people and you can smell the good food as you approach the door. After arriving we were told that we would be seated soon. After being seated our waiter Mike who by the way was probably one of the best waiters that has ever waited on me asked if we had been to there before and told us that they were out of the Sea Bass which I was wanting to try cause I have been craving seafood all week.
They have this great price on what they call a Pick 3.
You pick one appetizer, one dinner entrée, and a great dessert from the menu and it is all for one great price.

My partner had the crab/cherry tomato kinda pasta, the Bistro Steak (YUM!!) that comes with broccolini, potato puree, soy caramel, café con leche, and also for dessert he had the Liquid Chocolate Cake. I had the Butternut Squash Soup, Duck Ragu which was VERY VERY GOOD for my entrée, and for desert I had the Liquid Chocolate Cake and it was TO DIE FOR!!!! I have to tell you that this place ceases to amaze me. I will be going back here SOON!
If you love to eat like I do and you enjoy paying for what you get then I would tell you to be sure and check out Niche!!!!
Thanks to all the great staff for making us feel so special on our anniversary too by writing Happy Anniversary on our Desert Plates!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Buh Bye Tim Hardaway!!!

You hate gay people and you hate being around gay people?? Then you shouldn't come out of you house cause if you don't know it by now Tim 1 in 10 are gay. Well what if I said I hate black people and that I feel black people shouldn't be in the NBA, NFL, NHL, or any other sports? WOW I can't believe I just typed that. Now I am a RACIST. Well actually I am not a racist because I don't judge people on the color, of there skin, their national background, or what they do behind closed doors. You are ignorant, a bigot, and a homophobic jacks ass. I think that David Stern did the right thing by letting you go and not to be a the NBA All Star Game in Las Vegas. You need to loose more then that tho. I one have never been a basketball fan and now I doubt I ever will be because of your stupid comments about my community.

Monday, February 12, 2007


Well I started watching the Grammy's last night. I never really cared for them but since The Police was going to be on there I thought I would watch it. The Police were just average, I guess I think they should have did a montage of songs instead of one song.
I was happy that Mary J Blige won a couple of Grammy's cause that girl ROCKS! She was in tears the first time and she was very sincere with her thank yous.

Well I guess money can buy you happiness cause these chicks bought the 5 awards they got nominated for. I just hate the fact that everyone says how good they are and how they understand what happened with the whole George Bush thing.
I was really surprised that the Dixie Chicks were not booed. I know a lot of people that do not like them and I for one am one of those people. Who cares about a group of 3 girls that can sing. Your not the girl band of Country Music. I mean come on all your music sounds the same and you had your 15 minutes of fame. GET OVER IT! Cause I for one will never spin your music if I ever DJ at a club because you are JUST AVERAGE and besides I burned all the CD's that I had of yours!

Maybe next time you will think about wearing that T Shirt FUTK cause you know Toby is from my neck of the woods and he is the MAN!! You deserve all the heartache that you bitches got for what you did and I don't think a come back is in your future.

Justin Timberlake was pretty good when he did his song and he said it was for a friend but I know deep down that he was singing that song to all the girls in his life. You go BOY! After that I flipped back and forth and really didn't watch much more of it. I was bored with it cause that really didn't give out that many awards during the show. Well I guess that is my recap cause that is all I watched of the Grammys. Maybe next year I will watch more. Who knows.

Wake me when it is Spring!

I am so ready for spring time weather. It has been very cold here in the Midwest for a few weeks now and it sucks big time. I am ready for Spring weather so that I can ride my bike and play softball. So I think I am gonna hibernate till then.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Why Can't We All Just Get Along??

You know when I started this blog I never thought that I would make it about who I am or what I do behind closed doors. But after hearing about Isaiah Washington and his whole blunder on national TV about the "F" word I have realigned this blog for not only how I feel about issues in the world but more about WHO I AM. So here goes and I know that some people from my work reads this blog and if you don't know by reading the past few post I am a gay man. I know shocking huh. But I want you to know I am still the same person I was before you found out about my personal life.

I have been talking with some people and have decided to write a book. How long it will take me depends on how long it takes me to remember most of the things in my past. I want to share a story with you right now about my past and you tell me what you think about it. Was I right in telling them I am PISSED OFF and that I am not doing to take it anymore??

Let me begin by saying that my main reason to go to work is just that. WORK.
It all happened on a brisk sunny Friday afternoon in Dallas, TX.
It was like any other time that I had been in the corporate offices of my job chatting with the person who dispatches the calls to me. Until I was told that I was outed. I was like WHAT? I was livid and my Irish temper went off like a rocket. I was so pissed. I wanted to know who and how they had found out about me. One of the other dispatchers in the office is the one that told me. She said she was told that one of my co workers who had been to my house noticed my AOL screen name on my computer while picking up some parts for a service call. He then took it upon himself to go back and tell everyone in the office that I was indeed a homosexual. I was furious. I was told that it had even been brought up to my boss that he had a "QUEER" working for him. I was in shock. I didn't know what to say or do. I just stood there for what seemed like a lifetime. Then I went over to my bosses office and he wasn't there. I was so pissed I was in tears. I barked at his secretary asking where he was and that I needed to talk to him RIGHT NOW!!! She told me that he was out of the office for a meeting. I told her to tell my boss I may or may not be in the office on Monday and that if he had any questions as to why that he needed to phone me. I then proceeded to the door where I opened it and then slammed it and all the district awards fell off the wall and crashed onto the floor. My Irish temper had taken over. I got into my truck and squealed my tires out of the parking lot and onto the road. I was driving like a mad man. I then pulled over to the side of the road where I took a few deep breaths. Then my cell phone rang. It was Director of HR and he wanted to know why I was so pissed when I left the office. I told him the story and he told me that it was unfortunate that this happened and that he was sorry. SORRY? Is that all I get sorry? I then informed him that he could talk to my lawyer because I was done with him. I hung up my cell phone and there went my Irish temper again! I was so pissed my mind was racing. Do I call my lawyer and tell him that I was just harassed at work and that I felt that my personal safety was going to be a issue. Then the HR Director calls me back and tell me that I don't have to come in to work on Monday or Tuesday and that I need to calm down and call him back later to discuss the issue.

I think there is enough hate in the world already for us and that we do not need to help out others agenda's. I mean really. Think about this. Why is it that we as homosexuals are stereotypical of each other. Why do we as a community have to down each other and not get along. We should be working TOGETHER to help the agenda of OUR COMMUNITY not the agenda to help out one group or another. But we need to stand tall and tell the world that we are here and that we are going to work together to make sure that there will be not prejudice against anyone that is Gay, Lesbian, Bi, and Transgender (G.L.B.T. COMMUNITY).

So I issue this challenge to you all. Let's stand together as one not as a individual or as separate groups. But as ONE GLBT COMMUNITY!!! To prove that we can work together and that we want equal rights like every other person that is out there in the world. We are people that believe there is enough hate in the world for everyone. I think and know that we can do this. So care to take me up on my challenge??

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tucson is HOMOPHOBIC!!!!!!!!

After watching this video clip I was so PISSED.

Click here to watch the video

This is another attempt for cities to scare their community into hating gay men.
This video pissed me off so much that I E mailed everyone at the ABC Station in Tuscon, AZ.

Here is the letter I wrote:

You video was brought to my attention and I had to see what it was about. After watching I can't believe that a new station can report on something that NOT ONLY happens in the homosexual community but in the STRAIGHT community too! You need to redo this report on Craig's List and show that the HETRO's do the same damn thing. I love how news channels are putting fear into peoples heads about Homosexuals. Now I am sure a homosexual will be beat up and or worse killed at this park because of this. I hope that you get alot of back lash from the people in my community over this story. Also Tuscon, AZ has been scratched off my list of places to visit. I have a blog and trust me when I say this that I will make sure that EVERYONE on there knows that Tuscon is HOMOPHOBIC!!!!

Cody Alldredge

I am asking that if you read this blog that you call or send an e-mail to station management telling them how you feel. Here is the contact information:

Jennifer Waddell
Reporter, KGUN-9 News
Tel: (520) 290-7719
Cell: (520) 260-6355

Andrew Stewart
Vice President and General Manager, KGUN-9
Tel: (520) 290-7633
Fax: (520) 733-7080

Bill Berra
Vice President, News, Journal Broadcast Group
Tel: (414) 967-5319
Fax: (414) 967-5378

Ask them to remove the clip from their website, to apologize for the hit piece, and do air another “KGUN9 On Your Side” segment about the positive contributions of gays and lesbians in our community.

To Upgrade or Not Ugrade.....That is the question.

Well I have been thinking about upgrading my laptop and home PC to Bill Gate's newest version of Windows. Windows Vista. But after looking at how much Mr Gates is charging for his product I think I am gonna stay with Windows XP just a little longer unless Mr Gates feels he can bring the price down a little bit. :-)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Colts Win Super Bowl XLI!!!!

Peyton Manning finally has his championship and the monkey is finally off his back!

Manning threw for 247 yards and a touchdown, as the Colts rallied from the shock of an opening 92-yard kickoff return for a touchdown by Devin Hester and an early eight-point deficit to beat the Chicago Bears, 29-17, in a turnover- laden Super Bowl XLI.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I am entering a contest!!! I need your votes!!!

Okay so I entered this contest for the local radio station.
I need you to vote my butt as being a 10! I get a new TV and some cash!
Please help!!!

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