Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Suck It Westboro Baptist Church!!

That's right you heard it from me.
PA man awarded nearly $11 million in compensatory and punitive damages!!
Should have been $11 TRILLION.

Lots of you have asked why I posted this....Here is why...

I have to tell you that I personally have dealt with the Westboro nut jobs because a close friend of mine who was in the marines and died in Iraq was picketed by these hatemongers. The intent to inflict emotional distress on my friends family was they(WBC) called my friends mother and asked if they could speak to my friend who had died in Iraq. They called about 20 times over and over and then called and said they would be picketing the evil and vial marines funeral because god is cursing this nation because of our accpetance of homosexuals. So I guess really if they did the same thing to Albert Snyder as they did to my friends mom then it could be considered intent to inflict emotional distress on a individual because they are wanting to cause pain and inflict emotional pain on to a person. I think that they love all the media attention because these people are more then just Media WHORES who like to get their faces out on the TV so they can get their message of hate out. I think that we all should just ignore these dumb asses and move on with our lives. They will get what they have coming to them.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

HOT BEAR had sex with Larry Criag!!

One word.

All I can say is I would have sex with him too!
Very hot man! :-)
David...Call Me!!!
You can read about David's Sexual Encounter with Larry Craig on Wonkette's Blog

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rocktober at Coors Field

I want to congratulate the Colorado Rockies Baseball team on a great National League Division Series win and now the National League Championship Series Pennant Champions! For the first time since the Rockies joined Major League Baseball in 1993 they are the National League Championship Series winners and are heading for the World Series. They became the second team in history to win its first seven postseason games, joining the 1976 Cincinnati Reds, which won three straight in the NLCS and swept the World Series that year.

Also I want to congradulate Matt Holliday for his great work in becoming the NLCS MVP.

Oh by the way I have to include a picture of Todd Helton.
He is so easy on the eyes! WOOF!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Chicago Cubs not the best liked fans in baseball....

Well it is funny how you notice things about certain baseball teams when they are your rivals but when it comes to Chicago even the White Sox fans hate the Chicago Cubs Fans along with all the others in the MLB because they are so arrogant not only at their own beloved Wrigley Field but when they go out of town to other stadiums.

Here are a few rants and raves I pulled off of Craigs list.

Number 1:
Date: 2007-10-05, 8:22AM CDT

Loved watching that Cub pitcher throwing his glove down on the mound!!!

Need anything else be said???

Number 2:
Date: 2007-10-05, 8:53AM CDT

I didn't realize they had a "goat check" available there!

Number 3:
Date: 2007-10-05, 10:30AM CDT

Nice try. Wait until next years payroll figures.

Soriano (136 million), Ramirez (75 million), Derosa (13 million), Marquis (21 million), and Lilly (40 million).

All told the Cubs spent $297.5 MILLION DOLLARS THIS YEAR!!!!

$297.5 million dollars spent this year for that piece of shit on the field?!!!

Number 4:
Date: 2007-10-05, 9:00AM CDT

We just hate their stupid fans!!!

Cub fans are some of the most annoying asswipes in sports! Here's a tip for you dumbasses! When you go to watch the Cubs at an opposing teams ballpark, BE RESPECTFUL! Don't call it Wrigley Field West, South, East, or North! THAT'S FUCKING BUSH LEAGUE!!!!
That's why the fucking Marlins, who had nothing to play for, beat the forever living shit out of your team! Booing the fucking home team and refs for calls that didn't go your way like you're fucking entitled! Bunch of spoiled fucking North Shore cunts! You retards started shit in the stands and the 5,000 Marlin fans kicked your asses all the way back to Shitcago! It's one thing to do it during the crosstown classic, but at every fucking stadium is classless!

Just like a couple of years ago when you dumbasses tried to pull that shit in Yankee Stadium and got your asses handed to you! The Cubs hadn't been to the Bronx in 67 fucking years and you fucktards act like that?!!! Learn about the history of the game and be respectful of it and stop being tools!

That dumbass Cub Fan waving a fucking flashing neon Cub sign when the opposing pitcher is on the mound IN THEIR STADIUM is a prime example of why people hate your fucking guts! Cub Fans are the most classless, self-entitled, pieces of shit in sports! about some hate there....
Well I think it is just fair that I get a few licks in as I remember last year the Cubs posting alot of comments like the above ones on the St Louis Craig's List during the play off. Saying we are gonna choke and not win....Oh sorry in case you haven't gotten the memo yet the Cardinals won the World Series last year. Well Cubs I think that you are the most hated fans in baseball. I love it here in the city of baseball heaven.

Oh by the way GO ROCKIES!!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Las Vegas

Here I come Las Vegas!!
I am so ready for my trip to Las Vegas.
2 more weeks from today!! I can't wait!!
We are staying at the Parish Hotel and Casino.

Monday, October 01, 2007

SNL Pokes fun at President of Iran.....Too funny!!!

This is one of the funniest videos I have seen in a along time.
Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gets it from Andy Samberg Fred Armisen and Maroon 5's Adam Levine. I love you Saturday Night Live!!!