Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hate still lives in the twin cities..........

While over at JMG (Joe My God) I found this clip and learned that it was from here in Minneapolis. I had to share it with you. Look at how they harass the guy for blocks. Of course he keeps his composure and does a great job of ignoring them.
They say "I hate gay people" and "Gay is not the way".
Be sure to look at :58
See the police just walk by??

WOW....talk about protecting the innocent...

The guys in uniform are not Minneapolis police officers.
Here is a Letter I got from the Minneapolis Police last night:

YouTube Video not Minneapolis Police Officers

June 30, 2009 (MINNEAPOLIS) Currently, there is a video on YouTube of an incident that occurred sometime during the Minneapolis Gay Pride Festival. There has been some speculation that Minneapolis Police Officers were in that video. The Minneapolis Police Department wants to assure the public that those security officers who casually walk by during this incident were not from our department. We have a strict uniform policy and those were not our uniforms or our police officers. This is unacceptable behavior that would not be tolerated by the Minneapolis Police. Action would have been taken immediately to stop the harassment that is depicted in the video.

We want all people, no matter of color, race, creed or sexual orientation to feel safe and welcome while they are in the city of Minneapolis.


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Thank you for posting this!! :) I can't believe no one stepped in to help.

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